API Terms of Service Agreement

Effective April 1st, 2013

About These Terms of Service Agreement

By signing up for the Taplister.com API you agree to the terms of service listed below. You must agree with all applicable laws, rules and terms set forth by this terms of service agreement. Any violation of these terms will result in the revoke of API access. Taplister may revoke your API key at any time, for any reason, with or without notice and without liability to your or any person.

  1. Taplister reserves the right to limit the number and/or frequency of API requests. If we feel that you are purposely attempting to circumvent any rate limitations, your API access will be revoked with or without notice.
  2. You may not use the Taplister.com API to substantially replicate products or services offered by Taplister, including the republication of Taplister.com content or the creation of a separate publishing platform. If Taplister believes, in its sole discretion, that you have violated or attempted to violate these conditions or the spirit of these terms, your ability to use and access the Taplister.com The API may be temporarily or permanently revoked, with or without notice.
  3. You can not give your API authentication key to another party.
  4. You may not cache or store any Taplister bar, beer, or brewery data for more than 30 days without refreshing.  If you choose to cache Taplister tap list data, it must be refreshed every 24 hours.
  5. You may use the Taplister.com API to develop a product or service that searches, displays, analyzes, retrieves, and views information available on Taplister.com.
  6. The name of your application can not contain the term “Taplister” or the phrase “Discover Craft Beer,” nor can you in any way claim to be official, affiliated with, or endorsed by Taplister.
  7. You will not sell, rent, or trade any data acquired from the Taplister API.
  8. Your application must give attribution to Taplister (ex: “Power by Taplister,” “Data provided by Taplister”).  You may also use the Taplister.com name or logos and other brand elements that Taplister makes available in order to identify the source of the information.  However, your app icon, website icon or logo may not use any elements of any Taplister logos, images or assets to identify any affiliation or endorsement.
  9. It is not required, but is suggest that you include the following in your application: Disclaimer: Beer menu's are subject to change. Taplister is not responsible for beer menu info, but the beer information is deemed to be accurate. This beer menu does not mean that Taplister is affiliated with the business.
  10. All graphics on Taplister, both mobile and web, are the sole property of Taplister, INC. while all beer/brewery related names and logos are the property of their rightful owners.