iPhone app version 3.0
  • Where does Taplister obtain it's data?

    Taplister is very grateful for our relationship with . RateBeer helps us maintain our awesome beer lists which are now close to 400,000 beers strong. We also have bars and fans around the world who regularly add beers to our database. With over 4,000 breweries in the United States alone, and many producing local special batch beers, we rely on our local partners to let us know when a new beer has been created. If you are at a bar which is not a Taplister subscriber, feel free to add their tap lists via our mobile site. If there are new beers that are not found in our search, you may add them to our database.

    Can I add a beer?

    The Taplister iPhone app v3.0 is a read only application. If you wish to add a beer to a venue that is not a subscriber to Taplister's subscription services, you may do so by setting up an account at taplister.com. Our regular mobile web services allows users to update tap lists via a computer or mobile device.

    Why are some bars' tap lists out of date?

    Not all bars will have tap lists available and some bars may not have updated their tap lists for a while. We rely on the local venue to update their tap list. Taplister can then publish that list to multiple places. We encourage you to let us know if there is a bar you wish us to contact about Taplister's services or have the owner or bar manager go to claim.taplister.com to sign up for one of Taplister's subscription service packages. You can also provide us with the information by filling out this referral form. If the venue subscribes to one of Taplister's fee based subscription packages, we'd enthusiastically buy you a beer there.

    What about android?

    At this time, we are currently supporting an iPhone app. You can visit Taplister.com on any mobile device to search for bars, beers and list beers. If you are interested in Taplister creating a version of our software for Android, please encourage your favorite bars to use Taplister's services. We'd gladly create an app if we have a high demand for the service.

    What about an app for bar owners?

    At this time, we are currently supporting an iPhone app for the bar's customers to search for beers. Taplister is a robust platform with may different options to publish beer lists including websites, Facebook, Twitter, printed menus and Digital Beer Boards™. In order to maintain a solid reliable platform, we feel that the interface via computer is the best option. Once you have beers listed in your On-Deck portion of the site, you may use the mobile interface to add beers to your live list.